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Alex Atala Reacts to Brazil's Foie Gras Ban

Calls it "Absurd"

Alex Atala Reacts to Brazil's Foie Gras Ban

Reactions to the ban of the production and sale of foie gras in Sao Paolo have been polarised.

2 Michelin starred chef Alex Atala, of Sao Paulo restaurant D.O.M., currently 9th position on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list, called the ban "absurd".

The city’s restaurants will have 45 days to adapt to the new ruling, after which they will receive a heavy fine should foie gras appear on their menu.

New Gastro-Art Show in Ibiza is Open

By The Adria Brothers'

New Gastro-Art Show in Ibiza is Open

Heart in Ibiza, the new collaboration between the world famous Adria brothers and the equally famous Cirque du Soleil performance group, is now open and they’re already taking bookings using their usual ticketing style system.

A place that promises the crazy collision of music, art, performance, dance and of course the mind bending gastronomy of the Adria’s, Heart is set to be one of the most exciting, albeit a little confusing, openings of the year.

Grand Gelinaz! 9th July 2015

Shuffle: A flight "beyond Food and Evil"

Grand Gelinaz! 9th July 2015

By Eleftheria Vasiliadi

A "gang" of the word's foremost culinary leaders participates in an unprecedented event which will take place on some of the world's renowned restaurants at the same time.

Ode to creativity.

The ambitious project, supported by San Pellegrino, will finally be brought to life in July 9th and its creators intend to explore the individual creative culinary identity of 37 chefs, but not any chefs...

Grand Gelinaz! Shuffle, that's what I' m talking about...

Revitalizing Food

Oglala Lakota Chef Serves Pre-Colonization Menu

Revitalizing Food

Before there was fry bread, there were sage, white pine, chokecherries and wild buffalo.

Before Europeans unloaded wheat and sugar cane and introduced beef to Turtle Island, Natives hunted and fished. They planted potatoes, squash and corn, and they flavored their food with purslane, rose hips and dandelion.


By "OREXIS" in Santorini

The 4th Gastromolecular Party was presented by "OREXIS" team on 23rd July 2014, in a marvelous Hotel, at Oia, in Santorini, named "KATIKIES" Hotel.

Degustation Menu was served for 40 lucky clients of Hotel Brain where "KATIKIES" Hotel belongs and the unique concept presented was "CHAMPAGNE vs TSIPOURO".

Stay tuned to find out more of the upcoming events of "OREXIS" team.