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About Us


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Dear professionals,,

Welcome to the most updated website on Cooking & Pastry.

After 5 years of presence online, your response and participation made this upgrade imperative.

The New Cucina.gr promises many new surprises about all current issues in the field of Cooking &Pastry, such as :

  • Professional Training Seminars in Greece and abroad
  • Programs of Cooking and Pastry schools abroad
  • Professional Cooking and Pastry Editions (Greek and non-Greek editions)
  • Professional Knives and Pastry Tools (by Wusthof company)
  • Cooking & Pastry Gadgets & Small Tools
  • Professional Clothing for Kitchens and the Tourist industry (by the biggest companies in the world - ChefWorks, Revival, Clement)
  • Professional Shoes for Kitchens and the Tourist industry (by the companies Crocks, Birkenstock, Shoes for Crews)
  • Restaurants' Degustation Menu
  • Interviews of Professionals in the field
  • Presentations of Cooking, Pastry fine products, Wines, Drinks, etc.

Our objective is to make Cucina.gr, a tool for you, which will inform you about all interesting news and about new technology on Cooking and Pastry. Throughout your professional career we will be by your side to help you acquire all these tools which will make you stand out in your field.


The team of Cucina.gr