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Collaboration of with the greatest gastronomy magazine in the world, the French THURIES MAGAZINE.

The magazine THURIES MAGAZINE publishes since many years, each month, the most modern developments in gastronomy worldwide.

Through this magazine you have the chance to be informed about the last trends on new dishes, foods and sweets, about modern dishes set-up, wine etiquettes, interviews of big French Chef, exhibitions and competitions that take place each year in Europe, and much more.

Now, you can subscribe and receive at your home, each month, the issue released in France.

Number of Issues per year = 10 (two are bimestrials - January/February and July/August)

Fill in the application to subscribe to this unique French publication.

Annual cost for 10 Thuries Magazine Issues: 160€

Photos: Issue - August 2021

  Thuries Magazine Τεύχος - August 2021 - 1 Thuries Magazine Τεύχος - August 2021 - 2
  Thuries Magazine Τεύχος - August 2021 - 3 Thuries Magazine Τεύχος - August 2021 - 4
  Thuries Magazine Τεύχος - August 2021 - 5 Thuries Magazine Τεύχος - August 2021 - 6

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