The Use of Siphon

Recipes using Siphon in various combinations

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The use of Siphon is increasing more and more today, especially in the restaurants which want to provide a "Fine Dinin" experience to their customers.

For that reason the team of provides you with some interesting combination of recipes with the use of Siphon with you can surprise your clients.

These recipes where presented by the French Executive Chef Christophe Pouy who visit Athens-Greece on May 2009, for a high level seminar in Greek professionals, on new technologies & new cooking techniques.

Raspberry Chantilly: 50cl liquide cream + 50cl Raspberry Puree + 1 Gas Capsule N2O

Fruit Puree: 1 Liter Fruit Puree + 4 Gelatine leaves + 2 Gas Capsule N2O

Idea: Bechamel, Potatoe Puree etc... + Gas Capsule N2O

Granny Smith: 1dl Apple Granny Smith Jus + 1dl Liquid Cream + 3dl White eggs + A Pinch Ascorbic Acid (for the color) + 2 Gas capsules N2O 200 gr Black Blood pudding Frozen and shredded.

Presentation: Half the plate with the emulsion the other half with the shredded black blood pudding.

Granny Smith Cucumber: 1 dl Granny Smith Jus + 1dl Cucumber Jus + 1dl Liquid cream + 2 dl White Eggs + A Pinch Ascorbic Acid + 2 Gas capsules N2O , 2 hours to the fridge.

Garnish: ½ cucumber Dice + ½ Chili Thai chopped + 4 menth Leaves + 4 Coriander Leaves Chopped + 1 table spoon Roasted pistachio.

Presentation: All mix poor in a glass and add the emulsion finish with Sea Salt.

Tonnato: 2 Eggs + 75gr Peanuts oil + 50gr Olive Oil + 15gr White Vinegar + 30gr White Tuna in Can + Salt + Pepper.

Technique: Mix all,Strain and poor every think in a Siphon + 2 Gas Capsules N2O Poor in a glass 2 Sherry white no seed and Menthe leaves Minces on top.

Light Mayonnaise: 2 yolks + 3dl White Eggs + 1 Table Spoon Mustard +1 Table Spoon Water + 1 Table Spoon White Vinegar + 1,5 dl Peanut Oil + Salt + Pepper.

Technique: All the ingredients in the emulsion bottle + 2 Gas capsules N2O to the fridge for 1 hour. Taste with drop of Passion Fruit.

Pinacolada: 3,5dl Coco Milk + 2dl Pineapple Jus + 5cl White Rhum + 2cl Gin + 1dl Sirop + 5dl white Eggs.

Technique: All the ingredients in the emulsion bottle + 2 Gas Capsules N2O, 2 hours to the fridge. In a cocktail Glass poor the emulsion, on top sea salt and grounded Cafe.

Peanut Nuts Grilled: 1dl Peanut Nuts Grilled Oil + 2dl Liquid Cream + 2dl Milk + 2 Gas Capsules keep to the fridge 1 hour. Poor the Emulsion in a Cocktail glass on top Greek Alcohol and some Peanut Huts Grilled + Sea Salt.